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How to purchace a painting?

It is easy! Just make this steps:
Step one: Put the painting or few to the cart
Step two:  Go to the cart and click 'Proceed to Checkout'
Step tree: Fill the form - write your name, shipping address, your PayPal e-mail and [if you want] other way I can contact you (viber, watsup, Facebook ext)
Step four:  click ‘Send order form’. It will give me opportunity to know all about your order
Step five: Than click 'Proceed to payment'and make your payment.
After completing the payment send me the transaction ID.
IMPORTANT! I need to know your PayPal e-mail to receive the transaction.

Which payment method do we accept?

We accept payment through PayPal. If you want to use other payment method please contact me.
You Don't Need PayPal account to purchase, just click the PayPal button when you go through the checkout and look for the link to pay with your credit card.
Please note, if you pay via Paypal e-checks your payment is not considered to be received until the check clears.

How long is order processing time? 

Order processing time is:
• 1-7 working days to prepare all necessary documents for delivery of painting
to your collection before shipping);
• 3-5 working days for prints;
• 5-20 days for custom orders (depending of an item).

How much delivery costs?

The price includes the standard delivery by UkrPoshta, so you shouldn’t pay more. You’ll get tracking number for your parcel.
If you need express shipping please contact me. Express shipping pays additionally.

How many time delivery takes?

Standard delivery by UkrPoshta takes about 7-21 days depending on your location.
The approximate time of delivery:
- USA: 1 - 3 weeks
- Canada: 1-3 weeks
- Australia: 2-4 weeks
- Europe: 7-20 days depending on location
- Japan 8-10 days
- Other: 2-3 weeks (sometimes up to 1 month) depending on location.
Please note the delivery time may vary and I can't be responsible for  delays.
If you need express shipping please contact me. Express shipping pays additionally.
After posting, I'll tell you the tracking number that will help you track the location of your parcel.
Each parcel professionally packed that you received your purchase of the best quality

Do I get some documents for the purchase of the painting?

With each oil painting size 30 * 40 cm you will get the certificate of authorship certified by the Ministry of Culture.
For painting smaller size certificate executed by your request.

Can I return a purchase?

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it within 7 days of receipt.
Shipping in both sides pays the buyer.

Can I make a personal order?

You can make an order to write to me using the contact form at the bottom right corner.

 Are there any promotions or discounts?

You can save some money by ordering to send pictures in a tube (only canvas without a stretcher).
This option is available not for all paintings.
Also you can get a discount if you make a payment on my card in any way (SWIFT, Western Union, MoneyGram etcetera) except Paypal (due to the nature of reception Paypal in my country)
Please ask me about it in a privat message.

How to care for a painting? 

-Never hang a picture near the stove, oven, stove. Tobacco smoke also leads to settling of soot.
-Do not hang a picture in direct sunlight.
-The nail on which a picture hangs should not touch the back of the canvas.
-Do not hang a picture close to the heater or air conditioner.
-Do not touch it with bare hands.
-Do not place the incandescent light bulbs from 100 watts and luminous of 20 watts closer then meter   from the picture .
-Removes easily dust off the paintings with clean velvet or flannel - a material absorbing the dust.